Clinical Trials

The Cancer Center of South Florida Foundation, Inc. is a Florida not for-profit corporation established exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes. In brief, the primary goal of the Foundation is to improve the quality of life and the longevity of individuals in South Florida diagnosed with cancer by conducting clinical trials of leading edge cancer therapies. The knowledge gained through these trials will help advance the development of effective therapies. In addition, these trials will enable patients to receive promising experimental treatment at no cost.

Our studies include:

  • AP26113-13-201 ALTA. NSCLS lung cancer for ALK mutation positive candidates.
  • Ovarian Cancer screening study.
  • BRAF115532 CombiAD. Melanoma study for BRF mutation positive candidates.
  • A8081005 Pfizer. NSCLS lung cancer for ALK mutation positive candidates.
  • MK-3475 MERCK. Melanoma PD-1 study for stage III, un-resectable metastatic melanoma who have failed or progressed on standard of care systemic therapy.
  • OMB112517 GSK. CLL systemic (IV) study for second line therapy.
  • CALGB369901. Observational study monitoring patient’s “return to life” after therapy.
  • Young and Strong. Observational study monitoring the effects of therapy on young women.

Our Doctors

Dr. Abraham Schwarzberg
Dr. Talya Schwarzberg
Dr. Raymond Tsao
Dr. Sujal Shah
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